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Are you safe from asbestos?

In order to determine if asbestos is present in a given location, the suspected materials have to be tested. They are collected and then sent to a laboratory for the testing to be completed. If the tests are positive then measures are taken to secure the area until the removal process can be implemented and completed. For many people, knowing where to look for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) is very important too. In older homes you may not even realize it is a factor to be concerned about.

asbestos testing Ballarat

This material was once very popular as a type of insulation. This is the first place you want to take your test samples from. Don’t forget to look into the various heat ducts as well. Some other places where fibrous material may be lurking include:

  • the fireplace,
  • around wiring housing,
  • asbestos roofing structures,
  • fencing products,
  • cement sheeting,
  • the furnace,
  • and around your plumbing pipes.

You will want to hire a professional to come into your home and to look around for the suspected fibrous materials in most cases though.

They will know where to look and what to look for. The general homeowner doesn’t have this type of knowledge to reflect upon. You should be able to contact your local health department in order to identify such professionals in your area to complete the work for you.

There are many different times when you should decide to do asbestos testing Ballarat. If you live in a home that was built before 1980, it may not have been tested before. Finding out if you have ACMs in the area or not can give you peace of mind. You certainly don’t want to risk exposing your family to the harmful effects. You also don’t want to lie awake at night wondering if it is present or not.

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Asbestos Testing Project Before a Renovation Project

Always complete a test before you begin any type of remodelling or if you are tearing down something (demolition). These types of activities can result in the fibers associated with ACMs to become loose. This is when they will be in the air that you breathe. Always pay close attention to the results of the asbestos testing so you can eliminate the risk.

Keep in mind:

  • When you are preparing the materials that you will send for fibre testing, do not break or cut anything that you may suspect to contain ACMs since this will make it dangerous for you.
  • It’s important that you don’t sand or do anything that can put you at risk of inhaling ACMs.
  • Preparing the area that you suspect may contain fibrous dust is also important.
  • You have to dampen the areas with a mixture of water and detergents by using a sprayer.
  • Wetting will reduce the chance of the fibres from getting airborne.

Before packing the materials for fibre testing, it’s important that you separate those ones, which may contain harmless types of ACMs. Almost all building materials, including tiles, pipes and sidings, may contain friable ACMs that may not be harmful unless they are broken or crushed.

These types of materials can only be released when they are disturbed hence such areas in your home should rarely be repaired. When there is real need, a professional technician should be hired to do the repairs.

Why asbestos testing is necessary?

  • It is compulsory in those items, which you have no reason to deny, that they contain ACMs.
  • It is necessary in materials with cracks, tears and also those with water damage since they have higher chances of releasing fibers to the air.
  • All the repairs should be preceded by professionals to remove all materials that are believed to contain ACMs.

After you have done all the procedures above, you need to collect the sample from suspected material. This process is also known as sampling. The samples should be limited to a surface that covers a square of an inch since many laboratories that do fibre testing do not require more than this. It’s a standard requirement that you must comply with at, all times!

The Dangers Of ACMs

Asbestos exposure is dangerous, and has been implicated in a number of health issues such as asbestosis and lung cancer. For these reasons, contractors should be called in to test for the material. Asbestos testing follows a standard procedure to detect and remove ACMs from the home.

  1. Fibrous product is especially likely to be found in insulation, especially in attics.
  2. As the material ages, tiny splinters break free from insulation and are breathed in by home residents.
  3. Once embedded in the lungs, ACMs pose a substantial health hazard.
  4. Chronic exposure to fibres has been shown to cause a number of breathing issues and lung cancers, and should be avoided for these reasons.

Fibre inspection and testing is also important because this dangerous particle can cause things such as lung cancer. Most everyone knows someone who has either struggled with or died from some form of cancer. Every form of cancer can be extremely devastating. There is none that should be seen as bearable. Because they can be so dangerous, it is important that this type of test is taken seriously and not overlooked.

asbestos testing ballarat and sampling

Not only is the testing process important because it can be lifesaving, but it is also valuable to make sure that your health is in peak shape. If you choose to live with the effects of ACMs, you run the risk of living in extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable life. We should do everything we can to make sure that we live the best lives we possibly can. Not only is this type of test important for you but it is also something that is important for your loved ones as well.

The Importance Of A Contractor for Asbestos Testing Ballarat

ACM testing should only be conducted by trained professionals. Through Asbestos Watch Ballarat, get connected to professional A-class licensed removalists. We endorse pre-screened contractors, who are:

  • Highly experienced
  • Skilled
  • Have proper training and certification
  • Have excellent safety records.

They will perform all jobs according to applicable regulations, including the disposal of harmful waste. Whether you are a commercial or a homeowner who needs help with asbestos testing Ballarat services, our members can help. They offer high quality services at competitive costs. Contact one or more removalists through us today and get 100% free quotes!