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    Asbestos Watch can assist you in the development of a detailed management plan to ensure that you are managing your asbestos effectively. Our Asbestos Management Plan Team will walk with you from the first inquiry to the time the job is satisfactorily completed. Further, our team of specialists is available to offer any post-service assistance to ensure your satisfaction on the quality of service provided.

    • We are reliable and competent: The Asbestos Management Plan Team are very knowledgeable and committed to making sure your project comes together. Our team of experts have been professionally trained to deliver excellent asbestos management plan services. We recognise how important it is to get the project done on time and within your budget.
    • Fast accurate job estimates to help you plan: Our Asbestos Management Plan Team are here to provide fast and accurate services at competitive prices. Before commencing any work, we always provide an accurate quote and fast results.
    • Total solutions for your problems: We understand that experience and expertise alone do not guarantee success; this is why we always aim to deliver “whole-picture solutions.” We begin by understanding the challenges of the problem, and then we solve the problem. Moreover, the Asbestos Management Plan Team always take into account all additional factors needed to assure a successful project.
    • Easy and straightforward process for our clients: We will walk you through each stage of the process and answer any questions you have. The Asbestos Management Plan Team take every project seriously and want to make your experience simple and easy. Their straightforward working practices have made them the preferred choice for asbestos management plans.

    Asbestos Watch takes pride in our team’ ability on delivering exceptional quality services at a competitive price. We put your health and safety as our top priority; that’s why our main aim is to ensure your safety all times. We strive to attain quality to the highest expectation of our customers.

    Whether you need assistance with management plans for asbestos or other services, we are here to help!

      Let’s Discuss Your Needs

      Why you need a reliable asbestos assesor to create an asbestos management plan

      An asbestos management plan can assist in making sure that people who work in or visit your property are not exposed to this dangerous material. It also ensures that the people that are responsible for working on or in the property are advised accordingly about the asbestos presence. The asbestos management plan enables them to avoid exposure by understanding the material they are working on.

      The plan must be clear and precise, and must include these following aspects:

      • The workplace's register of asbestos (The Australian Government has actually created a register to record the details of members of the community who may think they have been exposed to asbestos)
      • Details of maintenance or service work needed on the asbestos material which may include the following:
      • Those who have performed the work
      • The precise dates that it was completed on
      • The scope of the work that was done
      • As well as any clearance certificates that may have been given
      • How people at risk are provided information about the asbestos present in the workplace, and the risks they may pose and what control measures have been put in place
      • A timetable for action, which will include priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments as well as specific circumstances that may very well affect that timetable
      • Monitoring arrangements
      • The responsibilities of people involved in the asbestos management plan
      • Training arrangements for workers and contractors alike
      • A procedure for reviewing and updating the plan and the registering of asbestos, including a timetable
      • Safe work methods

      The most obvious reason to have an asbestos management plan is that it’s a legal requirement for the premises owner. A premises owner is required to review and maintain a detailed register on the presence of asbestos materials in a workplace. If you fail to show this document, you may receive a penalty from the asbestos regulatory body in your state. 

      The regulation is there for a good reason; by having an appropriate program, you ensure the health and safety of building occupants from the potential risks of asbestos exposure. 

      If you need a detailed estimate, or if you have questions about services provided by our Asbestos Management Plan Team, get in touch with us anytime. Call us now, and we will be glad to offer you a no-obligation, complete quote for your project.