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    The dangers of asbestos
    materials in soil

    Asbestos contaminated soil can be found in many locations including around your home. Asbestos in soil can be a result of illegal dumping or contaminated fill being brought in during construction.

    Removal of contaminated soil can be tricky and problematic. There are multiple legal requirements surrounding the removal and disposal of contaminated ground. If you believe your soil may contain asbestos, it’s best to call a professional.

    Asbestos Watch is experienced in performing asbestos soil remediation. Our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team will ensure that the job is done correctly and in compliance with relevant codes of practices and legislation.

    Contact us immediately if you are concerned about soil contamination around your home or regarding any excavated fill.

      Let’s Discuss Your Needs

      Services provided by our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team

      Additional risks of contaminated ground exist in an area where an older building was renovated or demolished. It’s possible that when the building was taken down, asbestos wasn’t disposed of correctly. This material may have been buried intact, mixed with other wastes, or even potentially imported to another site as a recycled product or ground fill material.

      The people residing in the contaminated area might be affected by damaging effects of airborne asbestos fibres. It has been reported that exposure to asbestos fibres may trigger the development of numerous aggressive diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancers. It is very important to be protected from the detrimental effects of asbestos by implementing appropriate safety control measures in or around contaminated areas.

      If you believe or have discovered evidence of asbestos material in your soil, contact our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team immediately. Services provided by our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team are as follow:

      Fast & accurate pre-inspection for the identification of asbestos in your property

      It can be difficult for those not trained in asbestos detection, to recognise asbestos in soil, particulary if it is ground to small pieces. Most property owners will discover asbestos sheeting buried in the ground and discover the contamination that way. Sometimes home owners have discovered through records that their home sits on a previous waste site, and that is when they have called in for soil testing to be performed. If you come across a suspicious material in the ground, it's important to not disturb it any further and to call our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team immediately.

      Our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team offer swift inspection services to property owners in most areas. We will schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience to determine the likely amount of contamination in your ground.

      When required, we will arrange for full and complete testing that may include:

      • Background knowledge of the area in question
      • The amount of contamination
      • Likely source of contaminant

      You have to keep in mind that assessing contaminated ground can be as simple as taking one small sample to the laboratory, or as complex as performing multiple measured and repeated, different depth core sample collections. This should only be attempted by qualified personnel. You can trust our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team to deliver a prompt and quick analysis.

      Removal of soil that contains asbestos

      After the inspection, our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team will work with you to discuss the most appropriate soil remediation service that suits your needs, budget, and schedule. Depending on the level of contamination, our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team may perform the removal by hand or using machines for excavation.

      To ensure that everyone near the area stays safe prior to removal, do not remove any soil or equipment from the contaminated area yourself.

      Transport and dispose of asbestos waste properly

      The hazardous material will be isolated and treated properly for transportation purposes. The waste material will be carefully disposed of in an approved EPA licensed facility.

      Trust our team of experts to deliver a prompt and quick soil remediation service

      If you suspect or have discovered evidence of asbestos materials in your soil, get in touch with us immediately. Our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team analyse the degree of contamination at your property.

      When required, we will further remove the contaminated soil according to your needs. As required by law, our team of experts are A-Class licensed and competent to perform removal and soil remediation. You can rest assured that all procedures will be conducted in the safest manner.

      We undergo on-going training to make sure that the techniques used to remove or remediate your land are completely safe, as well as efficient and cost-effective. Our team will implement the most suitable and appropriate strategy for risk assessment of the area. You can rest assured that services provided by our Asbestos Soil Remediation Team are at a value price while providing a high quality and satisfactory result. 

      By contacting Asbestos Watch, you are one step closer to ensuring the health and safety of your family and employees.